Meet the Board of Directors

From scholars and litigators to marketers and philanthropists, our Board is committed to restoring freedom for people and communities around the country.

The Past Four Decades Have Been Rife with Misconduct

Over the past four decades, the Philadelphia police have sentenced countless individuals to a lifetime behind bars – many of them undeserving of their punishment. 

Instead of justice, criminal behavior and corruption have determined the outcome.

Our Board is here to right these wrongs. 

Who’s On the Board

See who’s making it possible.

Joseph M. Marrone

Founding Partner
Joseph Marrone, Esq. is the founding partner of Marrone Law Firm based in Center City, Philadelphia. A high-powered litigator who established his practice in 1993, Joseph has since garnered a number of honors and awards for his legal skill.

Michael D. Pomerantz

Executive Director

Executive Director, Michael D. Pomerantz is a seasoned litigator who grew up wanting to emulate his heroes Atticus Finch, Clarence Darrow, and Thurgood Marshall. With the Second Justice organization organization, Mr. Pomerantz is now able to realize that life-long dream of being a Civil Rights Lawyer.

Arturo J. Mattia


Arturo J. Mattia (AJ), is an advisor, consultant, board member and entrepreneur. A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native, AJ is an emerging leader in manufacturing and business strategy. He has dedicated much time to the growth and success of several nonprofit organizations and private corporations, and as a self motivator, has supported and played an active role in funding hospital and educational programs as well as cancer research and development.

AJ is Co-Chairman of Innovation Can’t Wait at Drexel University and the Italian-American Medical Awards and serves on the board or as advisor for numerous other organizations. Arturo has also notably aided the 2015 World Meeting of Families and assisted in producing live televised events throughout the region for Walt Disney Television.

Gregory Stover


Gregg, or “G” as he is known among friends and coworkers, brings extraordinary compassion and patience to his work at Second Justice. G joined the team in 2022 and has steadily increased his role. He now is responsible for reviewing files, evaluating potential new cases, providing support for all litigation cases, and a majority of client contact.

The last item deserves special recognition because G’s phone NEVER stops ringing. If he is on with one client, it’s as likely as not that he has another one (at least) on hold. And the calls don’t stop when G leaves the office at the end of the day.

G’s dedication comes after a hard fought process where he was convicted as a young man,

given a long sentence, and, after many years, was able to win his freedom through

commutation. All the people G talks to everyday know that HE KNOWS a lot about what they’re going through.

When he is not combing through Second Justice case files, you can find him at home in the

West Mount Airy section of the city on the phone after hours fielding calls from prisoners,

listening to jazz music, working out at the gym, on his bike, or spending time with family

Tahj Malone


Tahj Malone is an aspiring future attorney and entrepreneur. As a Drexel alumnus and a Co-Founder of the fintech startup TrainingHub, he has a proven record of driving initiatives through the development of innovative solutions. Tahj is also a passionate advocate dedicated to securing justice for the wrongfully convicted.